Maria | 1994 | Sweden

I like ice cream very much


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Get To Know Me Meme

Five Favourite Actors: Anthony Hopkins [1/5]
I think you have to be sure every time you get out of bed to be grateful for another day. There are no guarantees. I used to have a fear of failure when I was young. You can’t live with that. Nor can you live with an insatiable desire for success because that’s just as bad and as crippling. That’s toxic. I may have won an Oscar and been knighted, but I still have to look in the shaving mirror in the morning and see the same old face there. So it doesn’t change your life that much.

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Shippin it so hard

i am so done, jesus 

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she is literally Hermione

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We’re leaving an awards show and we were asked not to stop, because if one actor stops and signs an autograph and the rest don’t then it makes them look bad, “so, please folks, just got right from the ballroom into the parties, will you?” Okay, fine, we’re going and we’re going and we’re going and all of a sudden the line stopped and I was behind people and there was nowhere to go and…

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